Mun: Yeah, compared to the original Sonic universe, I like ow Sonic Boom made Amy a proper character just by reading this description. And thank god, there’s nothing about her being obsessed with Sonic, thank god!

Not necessarily a good thing. Amy’s one of the most characters, so if they change her TOO much, there’ll be hell to pay.


Is Sonic the best marketing gimmick ever?

Watch what these hack frauds, Jack and Rich Evans from RedLetterMedia, think about Sonic and his undeserving place in gaming history.

(Personally, I have an extreme soft spot for the genesis games, especially Sonic 1, even though it’s not very good. I think Sonic 3K is generally great, though. But I will much rather play any Mario game if I had the choice. Also the rabid fanbase can die.)

Geez, can you guys fuck off with the Sonic fanbase hate?

It’s exactly the same as the Zelda and Pokemon fanbases: A warzone of clashing opinions. That’s what the Sonic fanbase is infamous for; no one being able to agree on anything.

Yet, no one complains about those two fanbases. Now kindly fuck off.


SonicGDK (short for 3D Sonic Games Development Kit) is an impressive Unreal Development Kit powered Sonic The Hedgehog game creation tool which allows users to create some seriously impressive Sonic games (much better than the tat SEGA have been making lately anyway.)

SonicGDK gives you access to 3 versions of Sonic (Classic, Generic & Modern) with super forms, power-ups, badniks, special moves, controller support, checkpoints, bumpers, spikes and various other traps - basically everything you need to make a Sonic game.  You will need at least some basic coding skills to great anything good, but going by the variety of impressive games that have already been created with SonicGDK (See GIFs above), it’s certainly a powerful and versatile game creation tool.  Maybe even SEGA could make a decent Sonic game with it!

Download all the Sonic games featured above and the SonicGDK codebase for free!

The level design is awful







"The brain can get sick too." 

Re-make of this post. 

End mental health stigma.

thank you

thank you





Sonic sounds a bit older in this game. Amy’s voice ain’t too bad imo and Knuckles’ kinda reminds me of his SA2B voice. He doesn’t sound that much like Yami Yugi anymore! :D

But I gotta ask, is there a confirmed age for the cast? In the regular games, Sonic is 15, Amy is 12,…

Them not stating it is reason to assume that they consider it unimportant, or that they’re the same as the main-series. That, and Sonic being any older than 15 just feels wrong.

I believe SEGA has mandates too, as what happened with the comics shows; Tails was 11 before the Super Genesis Wave, but after, he was aged down to 8 years old, just like in the games.


equivalent experiences: having to see a hotter guy date a girl who you want to date, being harassed

Tumblr: Where wanting to be loved is wrong, unless you’re female.


equivalent experiences: having to see a hotter guy date a girl who you want to date, being harassed

Tumblr: Where wanting to be loved is wrong, unless you’re female.


if Amys a hedgehog too
why doesnt she have a nose like Sonic, Shadow, and Silver???

Because she’s female. She also has shorter quills.








Yeah, I decided to do another round of headcanons for everyone’s favorite duckie. Enjoy!

  • Rad eats ducks and a variety of other birds on holidays and any other special occasions worth celebrating. However, he prefers vegetables to…

Yeah! I wonder what Cad Bane’s number one fan would think of this…

The best case scenario that could happen is that they fall in love with Rad Dudesman and get absorbed in the Ben 10 fandom.
The worst case scenario is….a freak-out mode. xD

God I hope she (tohntahn) gets into this fandom…

Please notice this post, Senpai!!!!

Maybe you should tag/mention her in the post instead? ouo

I did. I give it a few minutes tho. She’s a diehard fan of Cad Bane and she checks my blog every day. She’ll see it! ^w^



I was wondering if Perci was a hawk bc her head things remind me of Jet’s but she doesn’t have the feather tail to match but maybe she’s some kind of bird???

If you look at the tail and “hair”, it’s quite clear that she’s an echidna.